is almost here!

We are almost ready to launch DataMaster Cloud, our new look cloud based taxi dispatch system. If want to know more give us a call on 01925 600 600.

DataMaster Cloud

Theres no longer any need to install any software on your computers. Simply open a web browser, enter the provided web address, login and youre ready to go!

Attract new staff by allowing your staff to work flexibly from the office, home or they can work from anywhere in the world.

Work from any device, Apple, Windows or Chromebook, the choice is yours!

Weve been looking after taxi companies for around 30 years now with our current system, Easybook. We know exactly how to get a job booked in accurately in a couple of seconds.

To keep things this fast, DataMaster Cloud supports all the same key presses from our Easybook system, no need to retrain any of your team.

Cloud Phone System 

With DataMaster Cloud theres no longer any need for your on premises phone system; work from where you wish with no restrictions using traditional handsets, soft phones, or our integrated web phone. Works wherever there is an internet connection.

Built in redundancy with geographically segregated servers. To minimize any downtime, we don't just use Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure platforms, we mix these up with other providers. (This applies equally to the rest of our cloud system).

New Driver App

Available on Android devices and soon on Apple iOS devices. The choice is yours, provide a device to your drivers with SIM or let the driver use their own phone and SIM card.

Fully Integrated Accounts

Accounts and reporting system is now fully integrated in to DataMaster Cloud with a far more intuitive design.

Customer Booking Apps

This is the next element of our system to get an overhaul, a fresh new look and more features. Like everything at DataMaster, everyone gets new features at the same time. No need to pay more to upgrade.


Did you know we can also provide affordable internet connectivity and easy upgrade path when Fibre to the premises arrives in your area?

Unlike most other providers our charge will not go up during the actual term of your contract.